• N1 & N2

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  • Han Yu Pin Yin Class

  • Holiday Class

  • Secondary Class

  • Enrichment Class

N1 & N2


3 to 4 years old


Cultivate interest and build foundation. Learning words, simple brush strokes in fun and lively way!


Recognize Chinese characters, learn new Chinese strokes, enjoy fun exercises, sing nursery rhymes


  • An open class performance will be carried out whereby parents will be able to understand our teaching contents and approach
  • Lessons will be conducted fully in Mandarin, so as to inspire students without Chinese background
  • Certified teachers with Early Childhood degree


Students will be taught the proper way to hold a pencil and learn the Chinese strokes and nursery rhymes. Teachers will also use songs, dance and games to create an exiting environment to learn Chinese. Additional teaching tools such as arts & crafts and flash cards will be used to stimulate student’s interest in Chinese Language.