• N1 & N2

  • K1 & K2

  • Creative Writing

  • Han Yu Pin Yin Class

  • Holiday Class

  • Secondary Class

  • Enrichment Class

K1 & K2


5 to 6 years old


Building interests and expand student’s vocabulary through “play-n-learn” approach


Song & dance, nursery rhymes, recognizing words, Han Yu Pin Yin, fun games and many more


  • Focus on building vocabulary words, sentence structures and conversation skills
  • Introducing Han Yu Pin Yin
  • Certified teachers with Early Childhood Degree


In Beijing Language School, our professional teachers would teach our students useful vocabulary, different brush strokes, and punctuation etc. Therefore, students will be able to construct proper sentences with ease. We would also strengthen their Han Yu Pin Yin by going through a systematic learning whereby they would need to memorize the different tone and not to be confused with English phonics, as well as to cultivate a good learning habit.