• N1 & N2

  • K1 & K2

  • Creative Writing

  • Han Yu Pin Yin Class

  • Holiday Class

  • Secondary Class

  • Enrichment Class

Creative Writing


7 to 12 years old


Master the important points in writing a good composition as well as able to write structured sentences


Listening, speaking, reading, writing


  • Provide different approaches to writing a good composition
  • Increase student’s structured, analyze and writing abilities
  • Learn new vocabulary that is not found in school’s textbooks
  • There is no mixed level
  • Certified teachers with degree obtained from university


Students often face difficulties when writing. Through the detailed explanation and guidance of our teachers, students are taught to tackle various kinds of questions, and we also instill in them the right moral values. Based on every individual, students will be exposed to more vocabulary which aid them in writing, and in turn built their confidence in writing composition.