Qualified Teachers

Teachers are the source of knowledge and inspiration to our children. We are very stringent in our selection process. Other than qualifications, we look more into expertise and professionalism. Our teachers have undergone professional training. They are familiar with Singapore Education System.

Pre-school Teachers

  • Specialized in Early Childhood (Age 3 to 6 years old)
  • Certified Early Childhood Teacher
  • MOE registered
  • Familiar with Children physical & mental development

Pri/Sec Teachers

  • Specialized in Secondary and Primary
  • Certified teacher
  • MOE Registered
  • Familiar with the MOE syllabus

All our passionate teachers have gone through a professional training regimen and are experienced in teaching Chinese. Each and every one of them are familiar with the M.O.E Syllabus, examination formats and teaching requirements. Our teachers would use different methods to teach their students as every student have a different learning style. That way, our students would improve and achieve great results.

All our materials and activities are designed by our assigned teachers and are aligned with M.O.E syllabus. Those materials enable our students to counter different exam questions and thus able to score better. Our teachers would also communicate with the parents constantly so that we would be able to build up a strong rapport. We hope that our students would aim to become the cream of the crop.

Featured Teachers

Yuan Shuai

Education University of Social Science, Singapore, Bachelor
Experience More than 5 years

Teacher Yuan is a optimistic ,responsible, meticulous teacher and she teaches her students with great patience. Teacher Yuan holds engaging lessons and ensures a stress-free learning environment. After class, Teacher Yuan would  provide relevant feedback and communicate with parents so that parents are aware of their child’s learning progress. Thus, Teacher Yuan is extremely popular and well-liked among both parents and students.

Ding Wan Ting

Education Dalian Workers University, College Diploma
Experience More than 5 years

Teacher Ding is a enthusiastic and lively teacher who is well-liked by both parents and students. Teacher Ding teaches with great passion and has rich experience. Teacher Ding is good at guiding the pro-activeness and creativity of students as she deeply understands children’s personality.