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How to Enroll Your Child to a Class?


Lin Qiu Hui (10 years old, student), 12th November, 2017

I think that Beijing (Language School) is very good in educating it’s student in various form of Chinese, from oral to practical and writing. The teachers can carry across the lesson message well, making it easy to understand and follow.

Lin Hong Jun (11 years old, Student), 10th November, 2017


Huang Qi Xiang (11 years old, Student), 12th October, 2016

我从小就来到了北京语文学校。记得那时候, 我的华文没有考到很好,所以来到了这,希望能加强我的华文。经过了老师的教导下,我终于在小六会考考到了个A,感到十分开心与很感谢北京语文学校的老师。

Lin Le Yang (13 years old, Student), 2nd August, 2016

I joined since K2 and my Chinese have improved from Band 2 to Band 1. I thank Beijing Language for improving my Han yu pin yin and 作文.

Chen Ke Yi (10 years old, Student), 1st August, 2016


Wu Zong Rong (13years old, Student), 27th July, 2016


He Yi Peng (13 years old, Student), 9th July, 2016

I have been studying in Beijing Language School since P2 and I’ve always been getting C’s. However, under 老师 guidance, during PSLE I managed to get an A for Chinese. Beijing Language School has given me a lot of help for my Chinese and has given me much confidence over the years for Chinese. Thank you Beijing Language School for giving me this confidence for Chinese!

Cai Xuan Ting (16 years old, Student), 9th July, 2016

Since primary 2 I joined in Beijing. It had help me improve my grades from band 2 to band 1. Last year, from normal Chinese I was offered to higher Chinese, since then, I got band 1 for Chinese. I am grateful to Beijing for laying my foundation of Chinese. Thank you Beijing!

Lee Chaemin (10 years old, Student), 9th July, 2016

I think this center is very good as it is understandable and manageable. I can also understand what the teacher is teaching.  Keep it up!

The end!!!! ’◡’

She Jing Ling (11 years old,Student), 27th June, 2016

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