13 October

2020 December Holidays Programme

Attention for children from 3 to 16 years old~

Our December Holidays Programme are coming back Will your child be on their phone or computer the whole time? Not doing revision?

Join us now to learn, brush up and improve your child’s Chinese level during this December Holidays!

There are few holiday programmes are opening for different level of students:

N1-K2 – Speech and Drama class which can build up the interested of a child by learning Chinese in a fun and creative way.

Han Yu Pin Yin : To build the interest and improve of the Chinese Language Level of your child.

P1 -P6 : Children are able to enhance your skills in Oral, Comprehension and Composition .

S1 – S4 : Creative writing which to help in build up the confident on writing and help to strengthen the writing techniques of the students.

Enquire now at any of our branches or message us on Facebook Messenger for further enquiries!