Qualified Teachers

Teachers are the source of knowledge and inspiration to our children. We are very stringent in our selection process. Other than qualifications, we look more into expertise and professionalism. Our teachers have undergone professional training. They are familiar with Singapore Education System.

Pre-school Teachers

  • Specialized in Early Childhood (Age 3 to 6 years old)
  • Certified Early Childhood Teacher
  • MOE registered
  • Familiar with Children physical & mental development

Pri/Sec Teachers

  • Specialized in Secondary and Primary
  • Certified teacher
  • MOE Registered
  • Familiar with the MOE syllabus

All our passionate teachers have gone through a professional training regimen and are experienced in teaching Chinese. Each and every one of them are familiar with the M.O.E Syllabus, examination formats and teaching requirements. Our teachers would use different methods to teach their students as every student have a different learning style. That way, our students would improve and achieve great results.

All our materials and activities are designed by our assigned teachers and are aligned with M.O.E syllabus. Those materials enable our students to counter different exam questions and thus able to score better. Our teachers would also communicate with the parents constantly so that we would be able to build up a strong rapport. We hope that our students would aim to become the cream of the crop.

Featured Teachers

Diao Hong

Education Bachelor Degree
Experience More than 10 years

Miss Diao has more than ten years of valuable teaching experiences as a relief teacher in various Primary Schools and Secondary schools, hence she understands the Singapore education system very well. Miss Diao engages her students through fun and interactive approach in her teaching. She understands that every student learn in different ways. She will take advantage of every individual students’ strengths to ignite their passion for Chinese Language. Her lively lessons and ability to pitch the varied abilities of her students has received many recognitions and praises from both students and parents.

Wang Jia Ning

Education Master Degree from Shenyang Normal University
Experience More than 5 years

Miss Wang has many years of teaching experiences in Chinese Language. She was awarded a PSLE Outstanding Teacher Award by Beijing Language School in the year 2015 due to her strong pedagogical skill. Miss Wang uses her talent in Art to creatively engage her students in her lessons. Her engaging and interesting lessons are well-loved by her students and she has received many compliments from parents for her amiable personality and dedication in her work.

Li Jia

Education Bachelor Degree from Changchun Normal University
Experience More than 5 years

Miss Li is a passionate educator and believes that every child is capable of learning. She uses concise and clear explanation to help her students understand the meaning and usage of Chinese words. She pays close attention to every student, plans her lesson to their level of understanding. She aims to inspire her students to develop interest in acquiring knowledge, at the same time encourages her students to think and reflect independently. Miss Li believes in making Chinese learning fun. Her sense of humor always makes her lessons lively and engaging. She believes that her students will develop a love for Chinese Language through joy.


Li Shuang

Education Bachelor Degree from Liaoning Normal University
Experience More than 3 years

Miss Li conducts her lessons with the ‘ both teachers and students make progress by learning from each others’ philosophy. She applies different teaching strategies to meet the respective student’s learning. Her pleasant and friendly personality, lively and humorous lessons are well-liked by her students. She believes knowledge and patience is what requires in nurturing a ‘seedling’, which enables them to grow strong and sturdy. It is her desire to inspire students to exploit their potential to the fullest and seek continual self-improvement.